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How to Apply...

How to apply hot-fix products on the clothes:

1)Take off the back up film(white paper)from the sticker(silicon/ acyric tape).

2)Place the hot-fix motif on the position which you would like to put on the cloth.

3)Put the heating press on the cloth and remove the heating press after application time is completed.

4)Remove the sticker(silicon/ acyric tape)from the cloth with coution in a state of being not completely cooled.


Application pressure, temperature, time table:

1)Pressure(kg/㎠) : 2.8kg ~ 3.2kg

2)Temperature(ºc) : 130ºc ~150ºc

3)Time (seceonds) : 10" ~ 20"





NOTE : We recommend using a protective pad between layers of the fabric to prevent adhesive from gluing the fabric together.

Heat Transfer Directions

     by Heat Press Machine

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