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G.onteck 2200 is located in South Korea. We are specialized in supplying and exporting of all kinds of Heat transfer motifs & Iron-on Hot fix Items such as Rhinestone, Nailheads, Rhinestuds, Dome-metallic, Convex Studs and all kinds of clothing accessories.

We can supply you with very various Fabric items and sheet transfer like flocking/ glitter as well. 


We always welcome the customer's custom orders. If you need quotations and some samples for your own designs, you can simply send us your pictures or images with detailed description.


We have been exporting products in large quantity to USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, India, etc., with the best quality and reasonable prices.

Normally, Lead time for the production will be about 1week.


We will do our best to give you good quality, quick delivery, best prices & services.

We can create very variety fashion ornaments made from Hot Fix items through a lot of experience of over 10 years.​


In you need to get more information, Please email us at your convenience.


Thank you.


Best Regards,

President jasson P.(hyun cheol park)

G.onteck 2200 

Monday - Saturday 
 09:00AM - 06:00PM 

Please note that we are closed on Sunday. 

On Mondays we are only open by appointment.

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Epoxy       Mesh

There are various colors and size with Epoxy Mesh

You can develop your designs look more attractive!! 

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